How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Bathroom?

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Upgrades in your home are always a weighty decision.

The astounding results of these projects often speak for themselves–primarily when you work with a company that does good work. Still, even a stellar end product doesn’t necessarily mean the choice to remodel a bathroom was worth it.

Our above statement might seem counterintuitive since we remodel bathrooms at Bath Planet. We should be saying everything in our power to convince you to renovate. However, transparency is a non-negotiable for our company–we want our clients to trust us.

So, how could it not be worth it to remodel a bathroom–even when the work is exceptional?

You can’t afford the upfront cost.

A bespoke bathroom with luxurious features can’t make homeowners forget about steadily shrinking nest eggs.

Thus, the question “how much does it cost to remodel a bathroom?” is vital. The answer could make the difference between moving forward with your dream renovation or standing pat until you compile enough savings.

Want To Remodel A Bathroom Heres A Breakdown Of Pricing

The cost to remodel a bathroom would be one-size-fits-all in a perfect world. At the very least, it would make it easier for homeowners to weigh the financial pros and cons because they know what to expect going in.

Sadly, bathroom renovation prices aren’t uniform. Below, we’ll delve into the nuances impacting the costs when you remodel a bathroom.

Factors That Impact The Pricing Of Your Bathroom Remodeling Project.

Bathrooms have unique layouts and positioning, calling for varying degrees of labor and materials. Moreover, a bathroom renovation’s ambitiousness–or even extravagance–will dictate how much it costs. You may want more expensive features like wall-to-wall marble, recessed storage, and frameless shower cubicles, which will increase the price.

It can also cost more to remodel a bathroom in an older home. There could be mold, rot, or termite damage that must be repaired.

Furthermore, your contractor might need to redo your electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems to accommodate your wants and needs. This type of work would necessitate raising the floor and, not so coincidentally, the project’s overall cost. 

What Kind Of Estimates Can You Expect When You Remodel A Bathroom?

Due to the above factors, we can only provide a range of how much a bathroom renovation will cost.

According to Forbes, remodeling your bathroom costs $10,000 on average. Much variance exists with these numbers, though. More budget-friendly renovations can be in the lower four-figure range, while higher-end remodeling projects often reach $30,000.

Those looking to balance quality and budget should communicate their needs with their design team to decide where to splurge and save.

Like any investment, one of your main focuses should be your return when you remodel a bathroom.

Say you’re about to sell your home and wish to renovate your bathroom to drive buyer interest.

Research from 2022 indicates that a bathroom remodel increases your home’s value by 53% to 58% of the renovation’s value. You may even recoup over 70% of your costs during the resale.

While you’re not recouping 100% of the costs, you’re driving interest in your home by remodeling the bathroom. Plus, you’re not only selling your bathroom–you’re selling your entire home. You stand to make a significant chunk of change by investing in this remodeling project.

Given the business aspect of this example, it could make sense to spend more upfront, given you’re about to earn a substantial profit.

Conversely, quality-of-life-based renovations come down to your needs and what you can afford in the shorter term. Long-term comfort and happiness might be worth spending more if you have the money. Or you might benefit from a more simplified renovation that costs less.

Something else to consider is getting what you pay for. Hiring an unproven contractor charging bargain-basement prices won’t often yield the desired results. You may have to pay for repairs and touch-ups, costing you more in the long run.


Bathroom remodeling projects don’t only cost you money–they cost you time. Projects can take a day, or they can take a few weeks, depending on your needs.

More intensive projects are going to take a longer time. Older homes that need some additional TLC will demand more from your contractors. Thus, expect such projects to veer toward multiple weeks instead of a day or two. New homes present a less hurdle-filled environment to your contractors, and they’ll be able to work more swiftly.

Time will also reflect the cost. It’s possible to receive a high-quality renovation at a lower price if it takes less time than a more middling remodeling job that takes several weeks.

It’s okay to want it all. As a consumer, you can strive for affordability, time efficiency, and top-tier craftsmanship when remodeling your bathroom.

Bath Planet finishes our remodel projects in as little as a day. We combine superior quality materials that guarantee long-lasting durability with affordable price points. You’ll pay less upfront and save long-term since subsequent touch-ups, repairs, and general maintenance will be minimal.

More to the above point, our services cost less than our competitors, giving our customers a cost-friendly alternative that doesn’t sacrifice high-level handiwork.

We custom-fit our installations to mesh seamlessly into your space, and we offer a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles.

Still worried about pricing? We offer up to 60 months of financing for your bathroom remodeling project. Moreover, Bath Planet is so confident in our work that our installations come with limited Lifetime Warranties.

Contact us today to receive an estimate, obligation free. We’ll give you critical insights into maximizing your bathroom remodeling investment without strings attached.


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