Did you know that a bathroom remodel can increase your home’s value by up to 58%? And redoing a bathroom cost less than building a new one.  Its not a one day bathroom remodel of course. Whether you plan to sell your property or grow old in it, a bathroom remodel is always a worthwhile investment. But how much does bathroom remodeling CT cost? Bathroom remodeling costs can be more affordable than you think. Its not just a typical shower remodel, an installation of a double vanity, a half bath or maybe a jack and jill bathroom. It actually depends on what you really need or like. Perhaps you need a walk in shower or a master bathroom with powder room remodel at the end of the day, the remodeling project total cost is up to you. Lets just say that bathroom.remodel cost depends on your need and taste.

The short answer: it depends. Read this guide to understand the factors that determine your bathroom renovation Connecticut costs today.

Top 4 Reasons for Bathroom Remodeling CT

First, let’s look at why you may need to invest in a bathroom remodel CT project.

1. To Update the Décor

Tastes and trends are constantly changing, so a bathroom that looked perfect five years ago may be outdated today. However, an update can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint to ripping out the vintage tiles, tub, and vanity. An old bathroom may harbor mold and mildew from leaking plumbing or poor drainage, and a remodel can fix these problems and create a safe, functional space. Hence, a bathroom remodeling project is needed. Don’t worry about the bathroom remodeling cost just yet. 

2. To Improve the Lighting

Nothing kills your mood faster than a poorly-lit bathroom. You may have beautiful fixtures and complete functionality, but without good lighting, your bathroom does little to rejuvenate you. A bath remodel CT can transform your lighting by installing bright new fixtures in the right places or adding a skylight or window for natural light.

3. To Add Storage

A bathroom with no storage is inconvenient. Something as simple as a soap or shampoo shelf can make a massive difference in your bathroom. You can also add cabinets, shelves, and drawers to keep all your bathroom supplies. A bath remodel CT is an opportunity to maximize your storage, especially in smaller bathrooms. Bathroom renovation cost can be made affordable for this purpose. 

4. To Sell Your Home Faster

The bathroom can make or break a home sale since home buyers already know what to expect in a bathroom. If you update or renovate your bathroom, you get more offers from interested buyers, close the sale faster, and recoup the project’s costs. So try not to scrimp on the bathroom remodel costs. The average bathroom remodel cost is not something you should immediately worry about. 

How Much Does It Cost to Remodel A Bathroom In CT?

The U.S. average bathroom remodel cost is just over $27,000 for a mid-range project. If you’re going upscale, you can spend upwards the average cost range of $82,000 for your remodel. In Connecticut, however, average bathroom remodeling CT costs between $6,600 to $16,600, with the average cost at about $11,000. Of course, your average bathroom remodeling cost depends on different factors, as explained below. You might want to consider a full bathroom renovation to maximize the cost and result. 

Factors That Determine Bathroom Remodeling CT Costs or Bathroom Remodel Cost

As you plan your bath remodel CT budget, keep the following elements in mind:

· Bathroom size: A larger space costs per square foot is much higher because of bathroom remodel cost more changes and issues during the remodeling process specially if its a complete remodel. Smaller bathrooms like half bathrooms or a wet room are quicker to remodel and present fewer hiccups compared to full bathrooms.

· The number of fixtures: If you only need to install a new floor tiles or wood flooring, toilet, a custom shower or bathtub, your remodel budget and project cost will be less than updating mirrors, sinks, soaking tub and showers altogether.

· Bathroom vanity: The cost of a new vanity depends on its size, materials, number of sinks, and storage space like any bathroom remodel cost. A granite or quartz vanity looks spectacular but costs much more than giving your current vanity a fresh coat of paint or polish.

· Plumbing: Faucets and plumbing materials can drive up your bathroom remodeling CT budget to match your design or meet WaterSense standards. You can ask a general contractor about the cost of plumbing fixtures as well.

· Light fixtures: You can add a skylight, a chandelier, or recessed lights, all of which add up to your remodel budget.

· Floors and walls: Bathroom tiles, laminate flooring, waterproof hardwood, wallpaper, or paint all affect your remodel costs, especially if there’s mold or mildew to remove.

· Contractors: Professional bathroom remodeling CT contractors include labor costs in their prices. However, you may hire individual contractors for a smaller remodeling project, meaning that you budget for a plumber, electrician, painter, or interior designer at their rates.

·  Permits: If your bath remodel CT project needs structural, electrical, or plumbing changes, you’ll need a license from your local municipality. Your contractor includes the permit fees in their pricing.

·  Accessibility features: A universal design can improve your bathroom’s functionality, but the remodel costs depend on whether you only add some grab bars and a shower bench or completely change the layout.

·  Customized features: You can adjust your bathroom fixtures for height, include smart tech, add heated towel rails, or cooling cabinets for medication or make-up. These features can create the perfect bathroom, but they come at a price.


Remodeling Versus Renovating: Which Do You Need?

The difference between bathroom remodeling and renovation is the scope of work involved. A renovation is like a cosmetic update to your bathroom, such as repainting the walls, replacing hardware, installing a new floor, or insulating the windows.

In some cases, as a homeowner, you can manage these bathroom renovations with basic DIY techniques since the changes are surface-level.

On the other hand, a remodel transforms a space completely. For example, you can convert a spare room or basement into a bathroom, add walls, or extend your current bathroom.

A bath remodel CT typically costs more than a renovation because of the amount of work that goes into it. However, a bathroom renovation Connecticut can be just as costly if a bathroom has extensive water damage or if you opt for a high-end look.

So, which should you choose between, a bathroom remodel or renovation? Your budget should be the biggest consideration here. As mentioned before, a bathroom remodeling Hartford CT can cost anything from $6,000 to $16,000. How much you’re willing and able to spend on your bathroom upgrade will help you choose between a renovation or a total remodel.

Money-Saving Tips for Bathroom Remodels for Connecticut Bathroom Remodeling Project Services

Here are some ways to save money on your bathroom remodeling CT project:

· Hire an expert:  Choose a professional bathroom renovation Connecticut company with the knowledge and experience to offer clever budget-saving designs.

· Plan the demolition in detail: Even if your bathroom needs a small-scale redo, understand the plumbing, electrical, and structural features before you hammer the walls.

·  Buy refurbished or recycled fixtures: You can find good-as-new bathtubs, tiles, flooring, and facets at a fraction of the cost when you buy from resale centers.

·  Use a stencil: A good stencil design and color combination can customize your bathroom walls instead of installing floor-to-ceiling tiles or wallpaper.

·  Install a sun tube: If you need natural light in your bathroom but can’t add a window or skylight, a sun tube or solar tube is a more affordable option. 

Choose Bath Planet for Professional Bathroom Remodeling Services In CT

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